Casino Blackjack Why Players Are Advantageous

Casino Blackjack Why Players Are Advantageous

1. The difference is that you can get a Casino Blackjack card selectively!

– Split where you can separate cards and play
– Optional card adjustment stand (Stand) and hit (Hit)

You can get a card selectively!

First of all, split refers to separating the two cards and playing them with two separate hands if the number of the first two cards the player received is the same. This gives the player two chances to win in the same round. Splitting is one of the recommended strategies, especially when you get two aces or two 8s. The player is advantageous because the winning rate can be increased like this.

Second, in blackjack, it is important to decide when to receive more cards and which stand to stop. The problem is that unlike dealers, players can receive cards selectively. Dealers’ cards are mandatory until they reach 17 or higher, but players can stop receiving them regardless of the number of cards, which is why they have a higher winning rate than casinos.

2. Strategic defense is possible depending on the situation! Casino Blackjack

– Insurance, i.e. insurance strategy is possible?
– Surrender that gives up batting is possible

You can develop a defense strategy based on the situation!

The biggest strength of Black Jack is that it can reduce losses as much as possible with defensive play, and can bring a large amount of prize money with double batting or split in a situation where the winning rate is high. One of them is the Surrender play strategy. This can be used if the dealer’s front card is a high number and you don’t expect a burst, and if you think your card is unlikely to win.

The penalty for giving up the bet is to get 50% of the first bet back, and the loss is -50%, but if you lose the game, it’s advantageous in that you can avoid -100% loss. Because of this, the casino’s winning rate is 49%, and the player’s winning rate is 51%. And insurance, or insurance strategy, also helps users play very strategically.

3. Batting through mathematical calculations such as card counting!

– Is there a way to count blackjack cards?
– Card counting strategies to watch out for

Mathematical usage strategies like card counting!

First of all, the basic concept of card counting in blackjack is to use the player’s probability of winning depending on the configuration of the remaining card deck. If there are many high cards (10, J, Q, K, A) in the deck, it is advantageous for the player, and if there are many low cards (2-6) it is advantageous for the dealer. The ‘card counting’ strategy, which can be used to track the remaining cards, can give players a big advantage.

A typical card counting method is the high-low counting system. The most widely known method is to assign a certain score to each card, with lower cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) having a value of +1, middle cards (7, 8, 9) having a value of 0, and higher cards (10, J, Q, K, A) having a value of -1 having more cards in the deck, which is advantageous for the player.

The second card counting method is the KO counting system. This is similar to the High-Low system described earlier, but calculating the 7 cards as a value of +1 is different from the previous method. This system is a little simpler and really fits the basic strategy. However, please be aware that card counting also only serves to assist the winning rate, and there is no 100%.